Anonymous asked:
Hey Maura, I enjoyed reading and looking at your wall, i'm sadly not the kind of guy you like, (i'm fat for now to tell the truth, but i want it to change, i go to the gym everyday and your blog is a kind of motivation you know :-) Stop talking about me even if i'm sure you would love to know a lot more about my life ! Now is my question... I was wondering what can i do/say/sell (maybe a place to go) to see your bOOBies? You're awesome ! (you know it, but i wanted to say it...) <3

Awww in a weird way this was a sweet message about asking to see my boobs… Lmao keep up the work and u never know when I’ll post a nude up here, cuz it happens :P



Anonymous asked:
Maura, I got a cell. Hit me up on Skype for my digits. <3 Sasha

sorry I’ve been so busy!! should b on skype one day soon

Anonymous asked:
hot new pic...but you're hiding the goods! :p

haha ;)

If I End up Fucking James Deen

I may just cry of happiness…

haha dreaming